2011 m. spalio 24 d., pirmadienis


Dear all,

Hi again:) While my grey friend (my cat) sleeping near me, and its so cute and warm:))) I'll tell you about my evening.

Actually yesterday I was making my orders. Some of them goes to Denmark, some to UK, and some will stay here in Lithuania for my clients. I'm very satisfied with all these things, because I made everything in time:)

Another news, I decided to get rest this Sunday:) Just RELAX:) So I went to the shops, to the park, I visited my mom, and my lovely old home... I just forget about all problems and all troubles.. There was sometning nice in the air, mystical and quiet. 
I came back to my home, looked to my Etsy shop, and decided to make something pretty nice and blue:)) I don't know why:) it is strange, cause my yesterday orders also were in blue:) deep, deep blue:)

So what I did with my Etsy treasury...:) come on let's see at this:)

What you think about this:)? I like this color, it inspire me, gives me more energy and various ideas, and makes me dreammy:) and one day my dreams come true:)

This evening I also was surprised - my daughter and my husband bakes me the wafers:) And I have to say, they did it perfect! Though they did it for the first time together!:)) It was so tasty, that I think I'll share with you this recipe:)

So if you are ready, let's start:)


Waffle-iron, mixer with paddle attachment (or hand mixer)


9 eggs
300 g sugar
400 g butter
1/2 teaspoon vanilla
375 g sifted unbleached all-purpose flour
225 g starch, 400 g sour cream and baking pouder a little.


1. Warm the waffle-iron, while you mix the ingredients.
2. In the bowl mix the butter and sugar together until the butter is smooth.
3. Add the eggs yolks, sour cream, and mix again. 
4. In another bowl put the flour, starch, baking pouder and vanilla. Mix all.

5. Whites of the egg you need to mix using your mixer. 
6. All products put in one bowl and mix again.
7. Bake about 2 min every wafer in your waffle-iron.
Bon appetit !!! :))

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