2011 m. gruodžio 19 d., pirmadienis

From the collection of Blue and else...


At last I have some free minutes to write here, some ideas for You:), my dear friends:). As we all know Christms time coming:). Lovely, cute holidays here! I like this season so much!

So I have something new for you, as usually:)

Let's start to talk about... Blue:)

The main material is brass, sometimes plated with silver, many crystals, I like Swarovski company, they produce nice shiny components; other details are handmade glass, silver, semi precious stones like lapis lazuli... etc.

Another part of my collection is for Wedding. Not necessarily - only white or champagne colors, but...

Some of these models I had as an idea long time in my mind, and so one day they really were realized:). 

There are more things, which I liked to share with You:). It is not the first time, but I thing not the last. One more project with our local magazine for women. Let me introduce You:) The magazine about wedding.

Cover model: Elona
Photo: Reda Mickeviciute
Dress: Liutauras Salasevicius
Earrings: www.silverstone.lt (mine:)) )!

Some other my created models near the article in this magazine, about vintage style wedding in winter. Interesting theme I think:)

Here the earring for magazine's cover, I named "Blue Fancy". :)) They are really deep blue:)

To be continued...

2011 m. lapkričio 21 d., pirmadienis


Busy, busy, busy...

Working on new vintage style collection these days... Always hurring before Christmas, always dreaming, thinking about nice, warm things, family, relatives, friends...

I'll be here soon again with a lot of new pictures, my new jewelry, and impressions:)!!!

2011 m. spalio 24 d., pirmadienis


Dear all,

Hi again:) While my grey friend (my cat) sleeping near me, and its so cute and warm:))) I'll tell you about my evening.

Actually yesterday I was making my orders. Some of them goes to Denmark, some to UK, and some will stay here in Lithuania for my clients. I'm very satisfied with all these things, because I made everything in time:)

Another news, I decided to get rest this Sunday:) Just RELAX:) So I went to the shops, to the park, I visited my mom, and my lovely old home... I just forget about all problems and all troubles.. There was sometning nice in the air, mystical and quiet. 
I came back to my home, looked to my Etsy shop, and decided to make something pretty nice and blue:)) I don't know why:) it is strange, cause my yesterday orders also were in blue:) deep, deep blue:)

So what I did with my Etsy treasury...:) come on let's see at this:)

What you think about this:)? I like this color, it inspire me, gives me more energy and various ideas, and makes me dreammy:) and one day my dreams come true:)

This evening I also was surprised - my daughter and my husband bakes me the wafers:) And I have to say, they did it perfect! Though they did it for the first time together!:)) It was so tasty, that I think I'll share with you this recipe:)

So if you are ready, let's start:)


Waffle-iron, mixer with paddle attachment (or hand mixer)


9 eggs
300 g sugar
400 g butter
1/2 teaspoon vanilla
375 g sifted unbleached all-purpose flour
225 g starch, 400 g sour cream and baking pouder a little.


1. Warm the waffle-iron, while you mix the ingredients.
2. In the bowl mix the butter and sugar together until the butter is smooth.
3. Add the eggs yolks, sour cream, and mix again. 
4. In another bowl put the flour, starch, baking pouder and vanilla. Mix all.

5. Whites of the egg you need to mix using your mixer. 
6. All products put in one bowl and mix again.
7. Bake about 2 min every wafer in your waffle-iron.
Bon appetit !!! :))

2011 m. spalio 9 d., sekmadienis



Writing again. So days are often rainy and cloudy, when I like sunshine so much, it's very hard to work, to create, when the weather is like these days. Sunshine gives me many good emotions, it's like a powerful motor, which motivate me to move, to grow with my fantasies, convert it to reality:)

Do you remember my first posts? I was writing about pearls. So this time it'll be not natural but Swarovski company pearls, combined with sunshine:) and many gold rays...

I love this combination, to wrap my ideas and dreams into the things I do.

So this is the sun, which I dreaming for..

and this is my shiny visions:

So there are more things, which I "found" for myself:) like a such discovery:). It's maybe not a new for you. But for me it was really new, new waves of something beautiful, unique, unusual - this is Adele, and her original voice... awesome songs... Thanks for your talent, Adele!

2011 m. rugsėjo 15 d., ketvirtadienis

New collection:)


So it's time to introduce to you my new works:). These earrings, necklaces, sets were born as an idea not at the same day. Actually every day, you have to think about it, to have an inspiration, something, what at first - you will like personally and just after this, you can hope - it will be nice for somebody else.. So some pictures from my new collection here, and more pictures you will find in the gallery, also on my Facebook Fun page, later I will publish it in Etsy I think, here they are:

This set I named "Forget-me-Not", I like that little blue flowers, which always give me an idea to create something light, but beatiful, soft blue, but elegenat - all in one:)

I would like to introduce you my "Brown Inspiration":)

I created it with picture jasper, all metal parts - it's brass. I like this metal very much, yes, sometimes difficult to work with it and I have many blisters on my hands. But I like the creating process, I imagine where this necklace, or another jewelry, which I'm creating, will be wearing, how it'll looks like, whether it'll be night or day, or maybe early morning, so it's so interesting, that I'm forgeting about all difficulties and only working:)

Hey, what's about this summer? Yes it's gone, but you have memories, about all these sweet, sunny days, and you remember it. So I remember too.

Here are my "Summer memories":

This is like dragonfly with shiny wings and little ornaments on it, so canny, so fantastic:)

What do you think?:))

2011 m. rugpjūčio 30 d., antradienis



The end of summer, the last days of August. September is coming soon and long, long evenings of Fall season. For whom is it something new - new challenges, business, proposals, friends, returning to town after a nice summer vacation maybe...

For us it is in the first place - the birthday of our daughter. That's tomorrow already, on August 30 - she will be 8 years girl. Gifts, Event, making the holiday dinner, candy, whoops of joy, laughter, children .. Perhaps, for some of you this is too familiar.
Here I'm already baking a pie - with different fruits and honey. Our little girl is a foodie and she likes it so much.

And then will Fall, 1 day of September - my little goes to school. As about me, I'll be here - creating for you. I'll try to show you something new and original .. The new season is always an inspiration, new ideas and thoughts. And how do you prepare for the new, Fall season?

P.S .. Uuups almost forgot, this is for you:)

Myspace Alcohol Graphics Alcoholic Clipart

2011 m. rugpjūčio 22 d., pirmadienis

Rainy day


This is the end of sunny summer... So sad about it. All day was rainy and grey, so I decided to make something new, something special for my family (And my family are: my little daughter 8 years old, my husband, me, and our cat named Silver). So to surprise them was very easy:))today.

I went to my kitchen and cooked extraordinary pancakes:) This was simple and fun, because all this time our grey, lazy cat watched me:), grooming itself.


Here are the results, on my table appeared something like this:))

Here's how I did this:

You will need:

Zucchini, 0.5 unit (if big, and 1 unit if not so big)
Eggs, 2 pieces
Wheat flour - about a glass (sometimes more)
Milk, 0.5 cups
Salt, to taste

Peel off the zucchini, remove seeds and slice it to the desired size not thicker than 1 cm. Take the egg, flour, milk and shake the dough. Dunk the zucchini first into the flour and after it into the dough, you shacked. Now you can roast it until nicely sear on both sides. That’s all you can taste it with sour cream mixed with chopped fresh dill.

Enjoy your meal!:)

Oh! And else our cat Silver, chose his "Kitekat", instead my "surprise", said "mew" and run away:)

2011 m. rugpjūčio 18 d., ketvirtadienis

First post


It's not easy to start, but at first...

My name is Natally. I like many things to do. But there is the one, which is more than only hobby to me - it's my passion, it's like to breath for me, I'm speaking about jewelry creating:). So here in my blog, I will introduce to you all my created works, I'll tell you about all my wishes and dreams, and else more interesting things, which you will maybe like too:)!

P.S And one more thing, English not my native language, and it's real challenge for me to write this blog in English, but I will try my best, that you have understood me:)) so please don't be angry with me, if somewhere you'll find a mistake:))

Thank you!


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