2011 m. rugpjūčio 30 d., antradienis



The end of summer, the last days of August. September is coming soon and long, long evenings of Fall season. For whom is it something new - new challenges, business, proposals, friends, returning to town after a nice summer vacation maybe...

For us it is in the first place - the birthday of our daughter. That's tomorrow already, on August 30 - she will be 8 years girl. Gifts, Event, making the holiday dinner, candy, whoops of joy, laughter, children .. Perhaps, for some of you this is too familiar.
Here I'm already baking a pie - with different fruits and honey. Our little girl is a foodie and she likes it so much.

And then will Fall, 1 day of September - my little goes to school. As about me, I'll be here - creating for you. I'll try to show you something new and original .. The new season is always an inspiration, new ideas and thoughts. And how do you prepare for the new, Fall season?

P.S .. Uuups almost forgot, this is for you:)

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