2011 m. rugsėjo 15 d., ketvirtadienis

New collection:)


So it's time to introduce to you my new works:). These earrings, necklaces, sets were born as an idea not at the same day. Actually every day, you have to think about it, to have an inspiration, something, what at first - you will like personally and just after this, you can hope - it will be nice for somebody else.. So some pictures from my new collection here, and more pictures you will find in the gallery, also on my Facebook Fun page, later I will publish it in Etsy I think, here they are:

This set I named "Forget-me-Not", I like that little blue flowers, which always give me an idea to create something light, but beatiful, soft blue, but elegenat - all in one:)

I would like to introduce you my "Brown Inspiration":)

I created it with picture jasper, all metal parts - it's brass. I like this metal very much, yes, sometimes difficult to work with it and I have many blisters on my hands. But I like the creating process, I imagine where this necklace, or another jewelry, which I'm creating, will be wearing, how it'll looks like, whether it'll be night or day, or maybe early morning, so it's so interesting, that I'm forgeting about all difficulties and only working:)

Hey, what's about this summer? Yes it's gone, but you have memories, about all these sweet, sunny days, and you remember it. So I remember too.

Here are my "Summer memories":

This is like dragonfly with shiny wings and little ornaments on it, so canny, so fantastic:)

What do you think?:))

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