2012 m. lapkričio 25 d., sekmadienis

Autumn/Winter collection "Mania for Jewelry"

So it's time. Time for something new. New look, new thoughts, my new collection. I named it mania. "Mania for Jewelry". Some of these earrings, necklaces... I still have. If you interesting in, please write to my email: silverstone.lt@gmail.com.

Sveiki:). Kaip ir rašiau aukščiau, laikas naujovėms:) Ar mėgstate jas? O staigmenas? Naujas spalvas? Ekstravagantiškas idėjas? Čia yra visko: naujos mintys, spalvos, svajos, raštai.. Tai subtilu ir kiek neįprasta, gal kiek "maniška":), nes tai mano manija, nauja Rudens/Žiemos kolekcija "Manija Papuošalams". Priimkite, sutikite:), komentuokite:).

2012 m. rugsėjo 9 d., sekmadienis

My Little world:)

One day one my good friend told me about this site. So now I have my mini world. When its getting sad and everything is looks like boring, I just open my pinterest and spending my time there... I can "walk" from one nice picture to another, looking for new ideas, colors, and my thoughts getting more clear, acquire another direction...


You are welcome!

Visada prašom i mano minį pasaulį: http://pinterest.com/silverstonelt/

Dreams, inspirations, wishes...

This evening I opened the blog of one beautiful lady, her name is Lori Anderson.

And what I saw ih ner blog? You know it was a surprise for me! There she is announcing a giveaway with different craft books! I'm dreaming about one of the book I saw! It written by Gordon K. Uyehara, about metal clay master classes - "Metal Clay Fusion: Diverse Clays, Detailed Techniques, Artful Projects (Metal Clay Master Class)" . It's a fantastic opportunity to win this book... I hope my dreams comes true!:)

I know in this book I'll find many usefull info, about metal clay jewelry creating. All creating process step-by-step just in one beautiful place with many nice pictures, there, there, there........... 
It is the best gift for any beader, jeweller, designer, with a lot of ideas, colors, and many positive emotions!
Tonight I will dream about this beautiful book, and maybe it will be miiiiiineeee!!! :))

2012 m. rugpjūčio 23 d., ketvirtadienis

Fall is coming

Yes, it's still warm and sunny. But I know one day the real Fall comes. Maybe you reading now this, and have no what to say.. because you see the sun every day, the sky is always blue, and you forgot when you saw the rain last time.
But here in Lithuania everything a little bit different. If it Winter - it is snow, if it Fall it is windy, and everythere  the heaps of fallen lives.. Sometimes it's beautiful, and sometimes when days are grey, it's sad.

I know what feeling, beleive me, however I like when something changes, so I'm working in the silence, with a few new order and thinking about the Fall. What colors do you like? What will adorn you this Fall best?
Let's think...

Iš tikrųjų artėja ruduo, kažkam iš mūsų tai džiaugsmas, kažkam liūdėsys, visi mes skirtingi ir mūsų mintys skirtingos. Pas mane jų šiuo metu daug, angliškai, ir lietuviškai taip pat:)
Gal yra tokių tarp Jūsų kas laukia permainų, na taip, tai ne pavasaris...tai juk ruduo, su savo rūpesčiais, naujovėmis ar monotonija. Bet tai gyvenimas, ir jį turime gyventi taip, tarsi kiekviena diena būtų šventė. Kažkur girdėta ane:)? Kiekviena diena...
O kad ji būtų šventė... ko Tau reikia iki to? Kur rasti "sparnų Tavo sielai"? O kaip dėl naujų spalvų? Ir fantazijos polėkio?

Kelios mintys:)

So where the ispiration lives? 

Arba pirmyn įkvėpimo semtis...:))

2012 m. gegužės 21 d., pirmadienis

Nice day..


Here is the summer sun..at last:) sunny days, favorite colours, perfect mood:) Yes!

And ofcause some new my created jewelry:

2012 m. balandžio 8 d., sekmadienis

Pinterest Invitation


I would like to invite you to join pinterest.com. Actually I have a new boards there and many new pictures. If you interesting in it, please visit my profile there: http://pinterest.com/silverstonelt/

If you like this page, and you wish to join it like my friends or else... just write me, I will send you an invitation and you'll be able to create your own style and your own profile with various pictures:)

Have fun!

2012 m. vasario 21 d., antradienis

My pinterest:))


Probably you already know what does it means:))? I'm talking about the unique website with thousands of nicest pictures and photos:)) pinterest.com .

Some days ago I registered my account there. This is it: http://pinterest.com/silverstonelt/ . So simple to collect views, to make your own beatiful collections, which are always so lovely for your eyes...

2012 m. sausio 13 d., penktadienis

Dreams comes true...


Some days ago I understood the miracles exists!:) Yes ir true. I received my Samsung Galaxy S Plus! Fantastic model:) I was waiting for it for months and at last I have it in my hands:)
True, its very alike iPhone:) but as I'm really Samsung fun I was searching something special for myself exactly from Samsung:) So now - my life will be more simple and fun with this new miracle of technology:)!


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