2011 m. rugpjūčio 22 d., pirmadienis

Rainy day


This is the end of sunny summer... So sad about it. All day was rainy and grey, so I decided to make something new, something special for my family (And my family are: my little daughter 8 years old, my husband, me, and our cat named Silver). So to surprise them was very easy:))today.

I went to my kitchen and cooked extraordinary pancakes:) This was simple and fun, because all this time our grey, lazy cat watched me:), grooming itself.


Here are the results, on my table appeared something like this:))

Here's how I did this:

You will need:

Zucchini, 0.5 unit (if big, and 1 unit if not so big)
Eggs, 2 pieces
Wheat flour - about a glass (sometimes more)
Milk, 0.5 cups
Salt, to taste

Peel off the zucchini, remove seeds and slice it to the desired size not thicker than 1 cm. Take the egg, flour, milk and shake the dough. Dunk the zucchini first into the flour and after it into the dough, you shacked. Now you can roast it until nicely sear on both sides. That’s all you can taste it with sour cream mixed with chopped fresh dill.

Enjoy your meal!:)

Oh! And else our cat Silver, chose his "Kitekat", instead my "surprise", said "mew" and run away:)

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