2011 m. gruodžio 19 d., pirmadienis

From the collection of Blue and else...


At last I have some free minutes to write here, some ideas for You:), my dear friends:). As we all know Christms time coming:). Lovely, cute holidays here! I like this season so much!

So I have something new for you, as usually:)

Let's start to talk about... Blue:)

The main material is brass, sometimes plated with silver, many crystals, I like Swarovski company, they produce nice shiny components; other details are handmade glass, silver, semi precious stones like lapis lazuli... etc.

Another part of my collection is for Wedding. Not necessarily - only white or champagne colors, but...

Some of these models I had as an idea long time in my mind, and so one day they really were realized:). 

There are more things, which I liked to share with You:). It is not the first time, but I thing not the last. One more project with our local magazine for women. Let me introduce You:) The magazine about wedding.

Cover model: Elona
Photo: Reda Mickeviciute
Dress: Liutauras Salasevicius
Earrings: www.silverstone.lt (mine:)) )!

Some other my created models near the article in this magazine, about vintage style wedding in winter. Interesting theme I think:)

Here the earring for magazine's cover, I named "Blue Fancy". :)) They are really deep blue:)

To be continued...

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